A Miracle!

Despite the instability of the economy and politics in this beautiful country called Zimbabwe, God has granted a miracle! There is no explanation other than God for the way He has supplied our every need at the Village of Hope to continue to take care of abused, orphaned, abandoned & poverty-striken children, in a positive, Christian atmosphere. We care for children both on the grounds of the Village of Hope and those from the local community of Good Hope, Harare.

The current statistics tell that there are 1.5 million orphans in Zimbabwe today, but places of safety for only 0.5% of this number. They state that the average life expectancy is 34 years old because of AIDS – the middle generation of parents being virtually wiped out – leaving the care of their children in the hands of aging grandparents with little or no means – or with no care at all.

The stats tell us that there is over 90% unemployment in the country. Even those that work are struggling with the rising expense of goods and services as the country adopted foreign currency in 2009 and shelved the Zimbabwe dollar for a time. So where is HOPE to come from?

We cannot fix all of this beautiful country’s challenges. But on 20 acres, in one small corner of Zimbabwe, the children of the Village of Hope can see God’s smile and experience God’s favor……

Currently, over 500 children are affected by the Village of Hope each day, and participate in its various programs – being fed, learning in school & about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and being loved by our staff.

Jeremiah 29:11….‘For I know the plans I have for you’, declares the Lord. ‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’