VOH Zimbabwe

New Year Clean-Up!

Happy new year from all of us at VOH Zimbabwe! We are back at school, and it’s clean-up time at our Centre.

Meet Denzel

Denzel tripped and broke his arm. We immediately were able to check for any injury and then we took him to the hospital.

Planning Ahead

Our administration team planned for the next 3-year cycle. We worked on our budgets and developed new strategic initiatives.

Family Time

Each day at VOH Zimbabwe, the housemothers and children living in each of our children’s homes have family time together.

Thank You, Rumbi!

We are so happy to have Rumbi as part of the team at VOH Zimbabwe and are thankful for the vital role she plays in the children’s lives!

Fire Drills

Twice per year at VOH Zimbabwe, we service our fire equipment. During this time, we take the opportunity to teach fire safety.

Greenhouse Project

We are harvesting our greenhouse crop at VOH Zimbabwe this week! Our children take care of the crops from planting to harvesting.

Supporting our Community

We received a donation of 100 food packs. We were able to distribute these packs to families in need in the nearby communities.

New Roof Sheets!

With schools back in session at VOH Zimbabwe, the children are delighted to see the shiny new leak-free roofs!

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