Meet Denzel

VOH Zimbabwe would like you to meet Denzel. He is 11 years old and in grade 5. Recently, Denzel tripped and broke his arm. We immediately were able to check for any injury from the accident at our clinic, and then we took him to the hospital, where they performed wrist surgery. They had to reposition his wrist, which was injured from the fall.

Denzel was in surgery for two hours and then spent the next three days in the hospital. We visited him regularly, and when he was discharged, Denzel came back to VOH with a cast on the arm. He is a very jovial guy, and he had a lot of fun showing everyone his cast!

Ordinarily, Denzel loves running around and playing soccer, but he will be taking it a bit easier while his wrist completely heals.

We wish Denzel a speedy recovery and are so thankful that we can provide this type of medical care for our children, thanks to our sponsors and supporters!

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